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a non-alcoholic zero-calorie spirit

"5.0 out of 5 stars. My Favorite Gin alternative - Amanda W Dhos Gin Customer

Dhōs Gin Free is sugar-free and zero calories! Reduce calories by over 96 per serving with a 'Low-Dhos' gin & tonic! Simply replace your favorite gin in your mixed drink & enjoy.

The aroma presents vibrant essences of fresh pine, juniper berries, dried citrus, candied lemon, fresh spearmint, chalk, and wet earth. Dhōs Gin Free offers a unique combination of hot and cooling sensations on the palate, starting with warming spice and fading to a refreshing menthol and licorice root on the finish. 

There is a coriander and fennel seed spice and intensity in the aroma that fades to flavors of wintergreen and spearmint that persist on the palate in a traditional gin-influenced fashion. This tasty non-alcoholic spirit leaves a balanced combination of spice and earth-influenced flavors reminiscent of traditional Gin and leaves the palate inspired to take another sip.

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Felice F.
United States
I recommend this product
Not a fan

I found it to be sweet and definitely didn’t taste like gin to me. I won’t repurchase

Bonnie S.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Fab with mixers

Great tasting gin substitute. I use this with gingerbeer or “Squirt” soft drink. Wonderful after work for relaxing… no adverse effects like alcohol.

Laura P.
United States United States
Best ersatz gin out there!

And I mean ersatz in a good way.

Amanda W.
United States United States
My Favorite Gin Alternative

This is delicious. I love gin! The flavor is so good. I add olive juice for a dirty martini. I add the red one from the same brand and make a Negroni. I have tied a couple of other brands and this is my favorite.