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Our team at Ransom Distillery in Sheridan, Oregon created DHŌS non-alcoholic spirits with an eye toward craftmanship and more mindful consumption for free-spirited individuals. The adventure began over 25 years ago on our Ransom organic farm and distillery in Sheridan, Oregon when we helped pioneer the American craft spirits movement.  Our mission is purpose driven and our motto is hands on production with ‘low tech’ – no robots or computers. It is truly a labor of love that has transformed the industry. This is how we revived the Old Tom Gin and led the way in mash-build, blended whiskeys. Our vermouth is the stuff of legend and has received the highest honors from key opinion leaders and placed in the Top 100 Spirits of 2020 by Wine Enthusiast. DHŌS was created to provide the same masterful craftmanship in a line-up of flavorful non-alcoholic spirits meant to be enjoyed your way and on your terms.

We use the approach of mixing ingredients to produce DHŌS, not the removal of alcohol method. Tapping into our extensive experience of blending wines and spirits we understand the importance of each component that goes into the final product.  Starting with the ingredients, we use natural botanicals and ingredients like citrus and spices to deliver a craft experience without the proof. Each recipe is handcrafted in small lots to ensure quality and consistency.  Production is done by our team at the distillery, and each batch receives the same attention that goes into crafting and blending our whiskey and barrel aged gin. Mixing is a 3-step process and at each stage we make sure the batch is meeting our quality standards. Finished product is subjected to ageing and microbial stability testing. Our products are unfiltered to ensure that the maximum flavor and aroma comes through in the finished product.

DHŌS is made at our Ransom organic farm in Sheridan, Oregon.

The creation of DHŌS stemmed from a conversation at our Oregon distillery when someone asked ‘what if we could provide the craft cocktail experience, yet without any of the alcohol, giving people the freedom to drink on their own terms?’ With that, we tasted through the ‘virtual brands’ currently on the market and quickly realized that a grounding in actual craft spirits would be invaluable in creating a true quality craft spirit experience, without the alcohol.  We pulled our craft minds together and DHŌS was born — a line of great tasting non-alcoholic spirits delivering the aromas, flavors and mixability of your favorite classic craft spirits, with only one missing ingredient… alcohol.

DHŌS is classified as non-alcoholic, meaning they contain 0.5% ABV (Alcohol By Volume) or less (our range sits between 0.2% – 0.3% ABV).  DHŌS is like many beverages – Orange Juice or Kombucha for example, in that it contains trace amounts of alcohol. You’ll even find similar levels (or higher) amounts of alcohol in foods like bread or ripe fruit.  For real!

We recommend you store DHŌS in a location which is between 55–85 degrees Fahrenheit. If this is done, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite DHŌS varietal for up to 6 Months!

We recommend you store DHŌS in a location which is between 55–85 degrees Fahrenheit.

DHŌS products taste like their classic spirit counterparts. We source organic ingredients along with the highest quality natural botanicals and flavors for all of our DHŌS non-alcoholic spirits.

DHŌS Bittersweet: If you enjoy the flavors of Exotic spice and rich fruits such as baked oranges, watermelon and dried strawberries then you’ll love “Bittersweet”.  The flavor profile can be compared to Aperol.

DHŌS Orange: If you love the flavors of sweet vanilla, fresh citrus blossoms, and orange sherbet then “Orange” is the drink for you! Compare it to Cointreau.

DHŌS Gin Free: If you’re a Gin and Tonic lover and enjoy the flavors of rich spice which first warm your palate then allow the flavors to gently fade into a refreshing combination of spice and earth influenced flavors then “GIN FREE” is your call!


DHŌS Orange contains zero sugar and just 5 calories! Reduce calories by over 200 per serving with a ‘Low-Dhōs’ margarita! Simply replace you triple sec with DHŌS Orange in your margarita, add a lime & enjoy.

DHŌS Bittersweet contains zero sugar and only 5 calories!  Craft the perfect 5 calorie ‘Bittersweet Spritz’! Just mix with soda water, pour over crushed ice & enjoy.

DHŌS Gin Free is sugar free and zero calories! Reduce calories by over 96 per serving with a ‘Low-Dhōs’ gin & tonic! Simply replace your favorite gin in your mixed drink & enjoy.

All DHŌS non-alcoholic spirits contain zero sugar per serving!

The Clean Label Project is a third party non-for-profit organization that defines the consumer standard for food and consumer product quality and safety. To learn more, visit

Every lot of DHŌS is sent to a third-party lab, where it is screened for a panel of pesticides commonly found in similar products.

DHŌS is flavored using all-natural flavors – in many cases the same flavors as the alcoholic beverages that inspired them. We sweeten our products with monk fruit, a zero-calorie natural sweetener.

All of the ingredients used to craft DHŌS are free from known allergens. We use all-natural ingredients throughout our line and recommend reading the individual product and shop pages or refer to the bottle for more specific information on each product including nutrition facts.

Alcoholic beverages cram a lot of flavor into a small space – but the alcohol helps keep the product clear. Without the alcohol, these same flavors sometimes have a slight tint to them – this is a natural effect of the DHŌS promise – the flavors of alcoholic beverages without the alcohol.

No animal materials are used in making DHŌS.

DHŌS has been created for people of legal drinking age looking for a flavorful non-alcohol alternative. While it may technically cause no harm, DHŌS in no way endorses or encourages consumption of our product by anyone who is not of legal drinking age.