American Made Non-Alcoholic Spirits Handcrafted for Quality and Flavor

Dhos in glass

pesticide free

Dhos in glass


Dhos in glass

Zero – five

Dhos Free Spirit


We believe you deserve only the best. That’s why we crafted Dhōs with the purest and cleanest ingredients, including natural flavors, no to ultra low calories and no sugar.  We lab-tested for over 400 contaminants to certify that Dhos is clean and free of harmful toxins and pesticides.

As American craft distillers, we helped pioneer the craft movement at our Ransom organic farm and distillery.  We later recognized the need for a non-alcoholic version so that people can enjoy the craft without the proof. Our Dhōs artisanal non-alcoholic spirits are created with the same love and attention that goes into our craft spirits. There is only one missing ingredient…alcohol. …T. Henry Ransom

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